Tech Recruiter Society

The Tech Recruiter Society is a community organization dedicated to creating events around technical recruiting best practices and topics, networking opportunities, mentoring, and employment opportunities. Because technology is always changing we will have events around new tools and technologies emerging that can help with recruiting. Whether the topic is how to take advantage of Big Data to recruit or a large networking event we at TRS will always bring a community together of professionals that seek to improve their skills in the field of technical recruiting.

IT Recruiting

Our agenda will include free community events with speakers from all over the IT Recruiting industry, paid training events, job fairs, and networking mixers. We will be reaching out to software engineers to attend our events to provide insights into how they feel about the recruiting process and other topics. Job Fair events will be combined with our software engineering groups located throughout the United States and provide members with excellent opportunities to hire top engineering talent.

Tech Recruiter Society currently has hundreds of members located in our three chapters San Francisco, Boston, and New York City. We invite you to join our growing and vibrant community creating events around recruiting engineering talent.

764 Members 27 Meetups 48 Presenters